• Wicket stowage system side cutting and welding machine
  • The machine is fuly automatic type
  • The machine outfeed with auto-conveyor collection system.
  • The bag collection is by 6 rotary arms with vacuum system.
  • Two punching set for easy collection hole and up & down punching die for clean hole.
  • Servo motor control
  • A.C. motor speed control drivers (invertors)
  • Bag counter and block counter
  • The machine stops when it reachs the total number of programmed bags
  • Printed (with photocell) and non-printed (without photocell) single line
  • Dijital touch-screen control panel
  • Side sealing
  • Possibility to work with OPP and PP films, high density polyethylene (HDPE) low density polyethylene (LDPE) films and recyled materials.
250 adet/dk-max
Total power
20.48 kw (380 V-50 Hz)
Total air
6 bar min
Bag length
70-530 mm (min-max)
Bag width
680 mm max
Film thickness
0.007-0.080 mm (min-max)
Machine length
6450 mm
Machine width
1600 mm
Machine height
1250 mm
Machine weight 
2200 kg